Do Nose Jobs Age You?

When it comes to nose jobs, many patients have concerns about the procedure not “aging well” or aging the overall appearance of the patient. There are a couple of reasons some patients may feel worried about the durability of rhinoplasty. In the past, older techniques were used for the rhinoplasty procedure and may show signs […]

How To Reduce Bruising And Swelling After Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is considered one of the least invasive and easiest to recover from facial plastic surgeries. This is largely due to its low risk profile and consistently good results. However, that does not mean it is necessarily pleasant. Patients do still experience some side effects, often bruising and swelling. Here are some tips for […]

How Long Does Tightness Last After A Facelift?

Facelift surgery consistently remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries around the world. As more people value looking younger, the procedure continues to find more patients. Though, like any surgery, there are recovery and side effects. While normally minimal, it is still important for patients to understand what to expect following a facelift. Let’s […]

Can I Get A Facelift At 30?

Facelift surgery is normally associated with people over fifty that have started showing more advanced signs of aging. However, aging, even advanced signs, can begin earlier in life. Some people may even notice changes in their late twenties or thirties. It is not uncommon for patients in their thirties to seek out a plastic surgeon […]

Benefits of Chin Liposuction With Implant

It is extremely common to carry some extra fat underneath the chin. Known as submental fat, this fat often reduces during puberty, but some adults retain some fat in the chin. Genetic predisposition, weight fluctuation, and other factors can all influence the retention of fat under the chin. Adult patients often seek to reduce the […]

Risks Of A Mini Facelift & How Dr. Santos Minimizes Them

A mini facelift surgery like any surgical procedure comes with some risk. Dr. Santos uses many advanced surgical methods to reduce the risks of mini facelift surgery. First off, the main risks of a mini facelift are the typical surgical risks of: Scarring Infection Fluid collection Skin death Complications due to anesthesia Pain Unsatisfactory result […]

CO2 Laser Resurfacing: Should I Choose An Ablative or Non-Ablative Laser?

CO2 laser resurfacing is a procedure that removes dead skin and the upper skin layers to increase collagen production in the treated area. Laser resurfacing comes in two different treatment levels: ablative and non-ablative. What is the difference and should you choose an ablative or non-ablative laser? Ablative CO2 laser resurfacing is performed under local […]

Risks Of A Rhinoplasty And How To Minimize Them

A nose job is one of the most common facial plastic surgeries among men and women. It can address many cosmetic concerns with the nose such as unwanted humps or bumps, size of the nostrils, and the projection of the tip. It can also treat breathing problems caused by structural issues like a deviated septum.  […]

BOTOX Or A Brow Lift: Which One Will Benefit You Best?

Patients, in most circumstances, will choose a non-surgical procedure over a surgical one. For the brow and forehead area, BOTOX injections are one of the leading treatments for wrinkles in this area. However, for some patients BOTOX will not provide the results they want to see and a brow lift may be necessary to fully […]

The Risks Of Chin Liposuction

Liposuction in general is considered a safe and non-invasive plastic surgery procedure. However, as a surgical procedure, there are some inherent risks to any liposuction surgery. When it comes to the risks of chin liposuction, the procedure shares many of the same risks as all lipo surgeries such as: Fluid accumulation Unsatisfactory result Infection Complications […]