Facelift surgery consistently remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries around the world. As more people value looking younger, the procedure continues to find more patients. Though, like any surgery, there are recovery and side effects. While normally minimal, it is still important for patients to understand what to expect following a facelift. Let’s look at one of the most common questions about facelift side effects, “How long does tightness last after a facelift?”

Tightness is a normal side effect after facelift surgery. This can include a tight feeling on the surface of the skin as well as tightness of the muscles. Generally, this subsides over about one to two weeks and is initially managed via prescription medications. Some patients may never experience tightness while others may have it for over a week. 

Regardless, it tends to improve significantly over the course of a few days. Normally, after seven to ten days, patients can return to most of their daily activity sans strenuous exercise. If tightness becomes too painful or unexpectedly lasts longer than two weeks, contact your facial plastic surgeon.

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