Facelift surgery is normally associated with people over fifty that have started showing more advanced signs of aging. However, aging, even advanced signs, can begin earlier in life. Some people may even notice changes in their late twenties or thirties. It is not uncommon for patients in their thirties to seek out a plastic surgeon wondering if a facelift is their only option asking, “Can I get a facelift at 30?”

In most cases, no. The skin has usually not sagged significantly enough to perform even a mini facelift. If a facelift surgery is performed in patients like this, it will often result in over resection, an unnatural result, and actually, worsen with age. There are extremely rare cases where someone may age quicker than normal, but this is exceptionally rare.

However, these patients are not without options. Depending on their concerns and goals, Botox injections are a great anti-aging tool. Additionally, medical grade, professional skincare such as chemical peels and RF microneedling can help tighten the skin and improve and maintain its quality. Meeting with a facial plastic surgeon, master injector, and/or master esthetician can help you determine what is best for your skin and situation. 

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