It is extremely common to carry some extra fat underneath the chin. Known as submental fat, this fat often reduces during puberty, but some adults retain some fat in the chin. Genetic predisposition, weight fluctuation, and other factors can all influence the retention of fat under the chin. Adult patients often seek to reduce the fat in this area which can lead to dramatic changes in facial profile. For some patients, a chin implant may provide further enhancement. Therefore, for good candidates, the benefits of chin liposuction with implant can make it the right procedure to suit their needs. 

Firstly, an implant will address the jawline as well as the chin. Even with a small chin implant, the jawline often looks elongated and sharper. Depending on your goals and facial structure, the right choice of implant could enhance this even further. If you also want to enhance your jaw, this combined procedure may provide the most benefit.

Finally, removing fat from the chin does not change the actual structure of the face. A recessed chin of varying degrees can contribute to the look of submental fat. Placing a chin implant can address a recessed chin to provide a stronger facial appearance. While liposuction may remove some of the extra fat in the area, combining it with a chin implant often yields the best results.

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