When it comes to nose jobs, many patients have concerns about the procedure not “aging well” or aging the overall appearance of the patient. There are a couple of reasons some patients may feel worried about the durability of rhinoplasty. In the past, older techniques were used for the rhinoplasty procedure and may show signs of aging as the patient ages. The quality of the surgeon used is another major factor that can cause nose jobs to age a client, but working with a top surgeon like Dr. Santos assures the longevity and quality of the rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty can be affected by technique, genetics, skin thickness, or age. However, with Dr. Santos, getting a nose job is a great solution for patients who do not feel confident about the appearance of their noses. While some patients can experience signs of aging, this happens decades later and can be fixed with revision rhinoplasty. 

During a consultation, Dr.  Santos will help create the perfect plan for his patients based on their genetics, skin thickness, and overall outcomes.  Ultimately, undergoing rhinoplasty does not age the patient, and any signs of aging in the future can be corrected. With a top surgeon like Dr. Santos, getting a  nose job is a step toward confidence and happiness. 

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