Does A Brow Lift Affect Your Hairline?

Does A Brow Lift Affect Your Hairline? Since brow lift incisions are made within or just above the hairline, a common worry for patients is that a brow lift will permanently alter the hairline. Dr. Santos delves deeper into the question, “Does a brow lift affect your hairline?” If performed correctly, a brow lift should […]

Do You Lose Hair With A Brow Lift?

When discussing the specifics of a brow lift surgery with a potential candidate, some patients become understandably concerned when they find out that sometimes a brow lift involves an incision along or above the hairline. Hair, especially in older patients, is fragile and susceptible to loss, especially when enduring trauma to the area like with […]

Can Botox Lift Eyebrows?

With age, the eyebrows naturally sag. While these changes are often microscopic at first, by your fifties or sixties, patients often will notice the brows have significantly distended. This is often best remedied with a brow lift. However, in these earlier stages, patients often want to minimize or treat the earlier signs of sagging. Can […]

What Is The Difference Between A Brow Lift & A Facelift?

At first glance, it may seem obvious that there is a difference between a brow lift and a facelift. However, before surgery and in consultations, many people ask, “Will a facelift address my forehead?” The term “facelift” is fairly vague, so it is not clear exactly what areas of the face the procedure address. Let’s […]

What Is The Difference Between A Brow Lift And A Forehead Lift?

The terms “brow lift” and “forehead lift” are often used synonymously to refer to surgical procedures that address aging from the eyebrows up. Though, to facial plastic surgeons, there is a subtle difference between the two procedures, even if they often address the same areas and concerns. Let’s take a closer look at the question, […]

Do Brow Lifts Look Natural?

Throughout the years, tabloids have published unflattering pictures of celebrities who have had bad plastic surgery, particularly brow lifts. When performed incorrectly or on the wrong patient, brow lifts can make the patient look perpetually surprised or windswept. Understandably, many patients who come in wanting to address their aging brow, worry that this will be […]

Are Brow Lifts Permanent?

A brow lift is a facial plastic surgery that raises the position of the brows to better line up with the natural bone. It also may address sagging and wrinkles on the forehead and upper face. As we age, the brows sometimes begin to droop downward from their natural position which is where a brow […]

How Painful Is A Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a facial plastic surgery that lifts and repositions the brows and structures of the forehead. It can treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and create a more youthful look. Patients who undergo this procedure–especially those considering local anesthesia–often ask, “How painful is a brow lift?” During surgery, […]

BOTOX Or A Brow Lift: Which One Will Benefit You Best?

Patients, in most circumstances, will choose a non-surgical procedure over a surgical one. For the brow and forehead area, BOTOX injections are one of the leading treatments for wrinkles in this area. However, for some patients BOTOX will not provide the results they want to see and a brow lift may be necessary to fully […]

Eyelid Surgery Or Brow Lift: How To Tell Which Is Best?

When seeking to refresh the upper third of the face, it is not always clear whether an eyelid lift or brow lift will give you the best results since both can affect the look of the eyelids. Ultimately, the best way to tell which will benefit you most is to consult with an expert facial […]