When discussing the specifics of a brow lift surgery with a potential candidate, some patients become understandably concerned when they find out that sometimes a brow lift involves an incision along or above the hairline. Hair, especially in older patients, is fragile and susceptible to loss, especially when enduring trauma to the area like with surgery. So, do you lose hair with a brow lift?

Hair loss following a brow lift is a potential side effect. However, it is rarely permanent. Usually, it will grow back during the healing process. Many patients never experience hair loss during or after a brow lift. If you are a patient already experiencing or susceptible to hair loss, Dr. Santos may recommend another procedure, or alter his approach to avoid placing incisions along the hairline.

Women are less likely to experience permanent or long lasting hair loss following brow lift surgery. Additionally, men who already have lost a good amount of hair, or who are bald, are generally not good candidates for a brow lift surgery since the incision cannot be adequately hidden.

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