Throughout the years, tabloids have published unflattering pictures of celebrities who have had bad plastic surgery, particularly brow lifts. When performed incorrectly or on the wrong patient, brow lifts can make the patient look perpetually surprised or windswept. Understandably, many patients who come in wanting to address their aging brow, worry that this will be the outcome, asking questions like, “Do brow lifts look natural?”

Luckily, with today’s advancements in surgery techniques, this is no longer the result achieved during most facelifts. Brow lifts require subtle changes and precise skin removal to remove and smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin, and elevate the brows. When performed optimally, this results in a more youthful, but natural appearance. Today, there are likely celebrities who have brow lifts that you would never know did.

Another common mistake made by some surgeons is overcorrection. While common with male patients, it can result in the dreaded windswept look. When this happens, usually too much skin is removed, and therefore, the remaining skin is pulled too tight. This can even affect the eyes. When performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon, this rarely happens.

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