With age, the eyebrows naturally sag. While these changes are often microscopic at first, by your fifties or sixties, patients often will notice the brows have significantly distended. This is often best remedied with a brow lift. However, in these earlier stages, patients often want to minimize or treat the earlier signs of sagging. Can Botox lift eyebrows?

The answer is yes, but it cannot replace a brow lift. Therefore, for patients in their late twenties, thirties, forties, and sometimes fifties who notice or have brow sagging that is not yet ready for a brow lift, Botox can lift the brow a few millimeters and prevent some future brow sagging. Though it cannot prevent sagging that occurs due to extra skin.

Botox–while not a permanent solution–is an effective and non-surgical way to slightly lift the brows. The injections take only a few minutes and most patients do not find the treatment overly painful. It can also prolong or prevent the need for surgical intervention later on.

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