A brow lift is a facial plastic surgery that raises the position of the brows to better line up with the natural bone. It also may address sagging and wrinkles on the forehead and upper face. As we age, the brows sometimes begin to droop downward from their natural position which is where a brow lift comes into play. Patients seeking brow lifts often want to keep their results as long as possible and ask, “Are brow lifts permanent?”

No cosmetic surgery can stop aging. However, a brow lift can correct aging and turn back the clock. This means that over time, you may notice the brow begin to sag again. This is due to natural aging. However, after a decade or two, even if your brow returns to its position after surgery, you will still look younger than your peers who did not undergo a brow lift. 

Also, the amount of time your brow lift lasts depends on many factors. Patients who take good care of their skin and supplement their results with BOTOX and other anti-aging procedures, often see their results last longer than those who do not. Some patients may also see their results last longer by chance or due to lifestyle or environmental factors. 

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