What Happens To A Chin Implant As You Age?

When seeking out any plastic or cosmetic surgery, it is important to think about how your results may age. Some surgeries are known to need refreshed after several years, such as a facelift. However, what about surgeries that patients often undergo at younger ages? Let’s look at one imparticular: chin augmentation. What happens to a […]

How Long Does Swelling Last After Chin Implant?

Swelling after any surgical procedure is pretty much inevitable. While it is not always troublesome, for facial surgeries it can be particularly annoying. Swelling of another part of the body can often be adequately hidden under clothing and compression garments. Facial swelling though, cannot be disguised so easily. One procedure patients find themselves particularly worried […]

Will A Chin Implant Get Rid Of Double Chin?

A double chin is one of the top reasons besides aging that patients seek facial plastic surgery. Sometimes genetic or leftover from weight loss, a double chin can be distressing for patients. They often want to know their best options for getting rid of their double chin. Generally, there are multiple options and the best […]

How Long Do Chin Implants Last?

Chin augmentation surgery is a plastic surgery procedure designed to increase the size and projection of the chin. It may also make alterations to the overall shape. Traditionally, this surgery uses a chin implant to achieve this. Made of commonly used surgical grade silicone that feels rubbery to mimic the feel of bone. When inquiring […]

Chin Augmentation Seattle: Chin Implant vs. Filler

Chin augmentation can dramatically alter the profile and aesthetics of the face. There are two main ways that plastic surgeons use to achieve an enhanced chin, one surgical and one non-surgical. The surgical method consists of placing a silicone implant in the chin and the non-surgical method uses dermal fillers. These two techniques can often […]

Chin Augmentation Seattle: Chin Implant vs. Chin Filler

Chin augmentation can dramatically change the look of the face and bring symmetry to the facial features. There are many ways to accomplish this utilizing surgical and non-surgical methods. The two most common ways to augment the chin are chin implant and chin filler.  A chin implant is a permanent solution that Dr. Santos surgically […]

Benefits of Chin Liposuction With Implant

It is extremely common to carry some extra fat underneath the chin. Known as submental fat, this fat often reduces during puberty, but some adults retain some fat in the chin. Genetic predisposition, weight fluctuation, and other factors can all influence the retention of fat under the chin. Adult patients often seek to reduce the […]