Swelling after any surgical procedure is pretty much inevitable. While it is not always troublesome, for facial surgeries it can be particularly annoying. Swelling of another part of the body can often be adequately hidden under clothing and compression garments. Facial swelling though, cannot be disguised so easily. One procedure patients find themselves particularly worried about swelling afterward is chin augmentation. Let’s take a look at the patient question, “How long does swelling last after chin implant?”

Immediately following chin augmentation surgery where Dr. Santos places a chin implant, you will likely only see mild swelling, if any. Over the next one to two days though, swelling will likely increase, often within a few hours of surgery. To prevent and treat swelling, Dr. Santos may instruct you to use cold compresses or ice. You should also avoid medications that may worsen swelling or bleeding, as well as exercise, alcohol, and smoking.

Normally, after about two to three days, patients begin to see a significant reduction in swelling. Within a week, patients can usually cover any residual swelling with makeup and return to social activities without noticeable swelling. While swelling can persist for months, it is not usually visible to an untrained eye after one to two weeks.

Swelling does vary from person to person. Not all patients will experience the same degree of swelling. After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Santos can provide a better idea of what swelling you can expect following chin augmentation surgery. To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-430-1035. You can also reach out online using our Price Simulator®, chat, or contact form.