When seeking out any plastic or cosmetic surgery, it is important to think about how your results may age. Some surgeries are known to need refreshed after several years, such as a facelift. However, what about surgeries that patients often undergo at younger ages? Let’s look at one imparticular: chin augmentation. What happens to a chin implant as you age?

A chin implant is placed against the bone. Therefore, all of your other overlying facial structures such as muscle, skin, and tissue, are all placed above the implant. This promotes a fairly normal aging process since it is primarily the skin and muscles that experience aging. However, since these structures are stretched over the implant, this can actually better support the face for less or slower aging in the future.

Of course, you will continue to age, but a chin implant normally does not cause the face to look unnatural with age. It essentially acts like the natural bone. There are rare cases where if the skin or muscle thins too much, the implant may be felt or seen more easily, but this is fairly rare and more likely to occur due to an injury.

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