Chin augmentation can dramatically change the look of the face and bring symmetry to the facial features. There are many ways to accomplish this utilizing surgical and non-surgical methods. The two most common ways to augment the chin are chin implant and chin filler. 

A chin implant is a permanent solution that Dr. Santos surgically places on the bone. Chin implants are typically chosen to fit the size of your face and features. They can also change the overall shape of the chin and alter features such as a cleft chin. Chin implants are usually best placed in patients who have a dramatically recess chin, or who continuously receive chin fillers and want a more permanent option. 

Chin filler is the injection of dermal fillers into the chin. Like a chin implant, this can alter the size and projection of the chin. In some cases, it can also fill in dimples or other unwanted features. For patients who want only a subtle chin augmentation, chin filler may offer the best option. Dermal fillers are temporary lasting anywhere from three to eighteen months. 

To determine whether a chin implant or a non-surgical chin augmentation with filler will best meet your needs, schedule a consultation with Dr. Santos. To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-430-1035. Additionally, you can contact us online