How Long After A Facelift Will I Look Normal?

After facelift surgery, it is perfectly normal for patients to experience some minor side effects such as swelling and bruising that can alter their appearance. This is why—even though patients often feel well enough to work within a few days, they generally do not return until the seven to ten day mark. So, how long […]

How Long Does Tightness Last After A Facelift?

Facelift surgery consistently remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries around the world. As more people value looking younger, the procedure continues to find more patients. Though, like any surgery, there are recovery and side effects. While normally minimal, it is still important for patients to understand what to expect following a facelift. Let’s […]

Hematoma After Facelift: What Is It And How To Treat It?

The proper definition of a hematoma is a collection of blood outside of the blood vessels. They are a fairly common occurrence and can happen after most major injuries or surgeries. After facelift surgery, Dr. Santos will monitor you for hematoma development as well as take steps during/after surgery to avoid them. Let’s look at […]

Facelift Questions: How To Reduce Swelling After A Facelift?

Swelling is a common side effect of any surgery. It can occasionally cause discomfort, but usually resolves on its own within a week or so of surgery. When it comes to facelifts, swelling can be particularly troublesome because it distorts results and patients normally do not feel comfortable going out with swelling after a facelift.  […]