After facelift surgery, it is perfectly normal for patients to experience some minor side effects such as swelling and bruising that can alter their appearance. This is why—even though patients often feel well enough to work within a few days, they generally do not return until the seven to ten day mark. So, how long after a facelift will I look normal?

Patients can expect to begin working and engaging in social activities after about seven to ten days. However, at this point, makeup is often necessary to disguise any residual bruising or swelling. Though, most of the time, people will not think too much of it. If a patient has a particularly physical job, they may need to wait longer to return.

It is important to note that individual patients heal at different rates. People with certain medical conditions such as diabetes or on some medications may take longer to heal and see side effects subside. These situations do not necessarily prevent a patient from undergoing a facelift, but patients should understand that their recovery may look different from a typical facelift recovery.

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