All plastic surgeries take time to heal. When it comes to facial plastic surgery, however, a common question is, “how long does facial plastic surgery take to heal?” This is a logical question because patients often want to heal as quickly as possible since it is harder to conceal surgery when performed on the face. The answer depends on many factors and Dr. Santos harnesses all the ones he can control to promote the quickest recovery possible. 

Healing is an individual process. Everyone takes a different amount of time and various aspects of your lifestyle and environment contribute to your healing. For example, people who smoke will take longer to heal and may see more and prolonged swelling than non-smokers. Additionally, some patients may begin feeling better and become overly active which can cause swelling and slow healing. 

Another important factor in how long it takes to heal from facial plastic surgery is which surgery you had. Mini facelift patients will usually heal faster than facelift patients. A rhinoplasty also requires time for bruising and swelling to reduce fully. However, with good aftercare and following Dr. Santos instructs most facial plastic surgery patients that they can return to work in about a week and the majority of their activities in two weeks.

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