From the Restoration of His Cars to His Face

Written by: Veronica R. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a surgery at Facial Beauty recently and between the Seahawks and car talks, jokes and the engaging procedure happening in front of me, that operating room had more action in it than a movie set. Yes, you heard that right. The patient was […]

It Takes Fat to Lose Fat (You Didn’t Read That Wrong!)

A couple of decades ago, many Americans began to buy into the idea that eliminating fat from their diet was a sure-fire way to solve their weight loss woes. Items labeled “fat-free,” “low-fat,” and “light” began to multiply on grocery store shelves. It may be no coincidence that, since then, obesity rates have doubled. We […]

Vertical Scar on Neck to Remove Loose Skin

Blanchard asks: I am a 58 year old female with history of weight loss of 135 pounds. I had a very successful abdominoplasty (removal of 10 pounds of skin) and breast reduction with lift. I am scheduled for an arm lift soon and would like to have my loose skin removed from under my neck. […]

Liposuction is not a Weight Loss Specific Treatment

MixChick asks: “I am 2 weeks post lipo I had about 3.5 quarts of fat removed from my waist,love handles,lower/upper abdomen. I had 5 liters of liquid injected into me that day. I weigh a little over my weight before the procedure. I am still swollen and lumpy specially in the abdomen area. I am very […]

Lower Eyelids Look “Sad” After Weight Loss

DeLa in aucune asks: “Hello, sometimes when i have a bad period, i loss face’s weight, and I make my eyes more sad. My lower eyelids are more “falling”. When I will regain face’s fat it will return as before? I don’t have strong cheekbones, so it’s loss forever (I’m 19) i have to go to see a plastic surgeon […]