DeLa in aucune asks:

“Hello, sometimes when i have a bad period, i loss face’s weight, and I make my eyes more sad. My lower eyelids are more “falling”. When I will regain face’s fat it will return as before? I don’t have strong cheekbones, so it’s loss forever (I’m 19) i have to go to see a plastic surgeon for fat injection?”

Fillers for lower eyelids. At a young age of 19 the best long-term picture is to keep healthy and keep your weight at an optimum level. The face does of course change with weight gain and weight loss and this is even more true in our 40s and beyond. Nonetheless fillers are likely the best answer for the tired appearance and I would encourage just a small amount of injectable initially and increase as time goes on. Start off with Restylane or Juvéderm and see how this works for you over the subsequent six to nine months or even a year. Not always does filler provide the satisfaction that you are seeking and reasonable expectations are important and this can be discussed with your plastic surgeon. More permanent options in the future include fat injections if you are properly motivated and generally reasonably high success is achieved in expert hands. – David Santos MD, FACS