Does Eyelid Surgery Improve Vision?

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can aid in numerous areas of the eyes. It can eliminate puffy, swollen under eyes, smooth crow’s feet, remove sagging skin, and ultimately revitalize the eyes. However, other benefits of eyelid surgery may surprise you. But does eyelid surgery improve vision?  Eyelid surgery can improve vision, but it depends on the […]

Does A Neck Lift Get Rid Of Jowls?

The skin around the jaw often begins to shift downward as we age. For many patients, this can be a problematic and disheartening process, creating feelings of insecurity. Sagging jaw skin, sometimes called jowls, creates deep lines and a loose shape to the once-defined jawline. However, many cosmetic treatments can help address the appearance of […]

What Happens In The First Few Days After A Nose Job?

A nose job or a rhinoplasty procedure helps many patients reshape their nose and nasal passages. While rhinoplasty is a top cosmetic procedure performed nationwide, many potential patients are wary of the surgery due to misinformation or outdated techniques. Is it excruciating? Is the swelling terrible? What happens in the first few days after a […]

What Is The Most Common Type Of Brow Lift?

Brow lifts are an extremely popular cosmetic procedure that enhances the shape of a person’s eyebrows, eliminates wrinkles in the forehead, and lifts sagging brows. Many people undergo a brow lift to combat signs of aging and rejuvenate their forehead. However, many patients are surprised to learn that there are many types of brow lifts […]