A nose job or a rhinoplasty procedure helps many patients reshape their nose and nasal passages. While rhinoplasty is a top cosmetic procedure performed nationwide, many potential patients are wary of the surgery due to misinformation or outdated techniques. Is it excruciating? Is the swelling terrible? What happens in the first few days after a nose job?

During the first few days following a nose job, patients experience the most discomfort and swelling. The nose will be placed in a nasal splint, and some bruising around the nose and eyes is to be expected. However, the discomfort should only last one to two days and is typically mild. Dr. Santos can provide medication to help ease any pain the patient may experience. The significant bruising and swelling also fade after a week to ten days. Icing the nose, avoiding physical activity, and head elevation can also help healing.  

Choosing an experienced provider is the best way to ensure a fast and easy rhinoplasty recovery. Dr. Santos at Facial Beauty will provide tips to promote fast healing and smooth recovery.  

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