Brow lifts are an extremely popular cosmetic procedure that enhances the shape of a person’s eyebrows, eliminates wrinkles in the forehead, and lifts sagging brows. Many people undergo a brow lift to combat signs of aging and rejuvenate their forehead. However, many patients are surprised to learn that there are many types of brow lifts which are all suit different cosmetic complications. 

Of the numerous brow lift options, the endoscopic brow lift is the most commonly used procedure. Both cosmetic surgeons and patients prefer this method due to the reduced incision site and the minimal invasiveness of the surgery. Cosmetic surgeons prefer the endoscopic lift because the camera allows them better visibility and prevents nerve damage. In contrast, patients prefer this method because the small incision site reduces discomfort, scalp numbness, and length of recovery.  

Although the endoscopic brow lift is the most commonly performed brow procedure, there are many other brow lifts that benefit patients. Ultimately, the type of brow lift a patient undergoes is up to the patient’s needs, goals, and preferences. During a consultation, Dr. David Santos helps patients find the best brow lift for them.

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