The skin around the jaw often begins to shift downward as we age. For many patients, this can be a problematic and disheartening process, creating feelings of insecurity. Sagging jaw skin, sometimes called jowls, creates deep lines and a loose shape to the once-defined jawline. However, many cosmetic treatments can help address the appearance of jowls and rejuvenate the jaw. But is a neck lift one of them? 

For many patients, a neck lift can help improve lax skin that sags around the neck and jawline. It lifts the skin around the neck, jawline, and underneath the chin, restoring a graceful radiance to the neckline. It can help bring definition back to the jawline by removing excess skin and lifting the remainder to the jaw. 

Combining a facelift and neck lift can provide additional restructuring for those dealing with the appearance of jowls. However, some patients only need a neck lift, while others may require both. At Facial Beauty, the providers can help patients find the perfect plan for their goals.    

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