Does A Neck Lift Get Rid Of Jowls?

The skin around the jaw often begins to shift downward as we age. For many patients, this can be a problematic and disheartening process, creating feelings of insecurity. Sagging jaw skin, sometimes called jowls, creates deep lines and a loose shape to the once-defined jawline. However, many cosmetic treatments can help address the appearance of […]

What Are The Risks Of A Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery is a common facial plastic surgery that can tighten up the skin and muscles on the neck. Most commonly, it is performed on patients over 50. While the procedure is largely considered safe in a healthy patient, all surgical procedures do come with some level of risk. Let’s look deeper into, “What […]

How Many Years Does A Neck Lift Take Off?

The neck, along with the face, tends to show age before elsewhere on the body. For some, the neck can actually make a larger difference in facial appearance than actual facial aging. In these cases, a neck lift can make a major difference in your appearance and can take years off your appearance. Many know […]