Face Lipo Seattle: Can You Get Liposuction On Your Face?

The face naturally carries pads of fat that protect important structures and fill out a youthful looking face. Sometimes, however, the face may harbor too much fat in these areas, or carry fat disproportionately. In these cases, there are various options that vary based on the cause of the fat accumulation. For many younger patients, […]

Cheek Reduction Seattle: How To Reduce Swelling After Buccal Fat Removal

Swelling after buccal fat removal is perfectly normal. Nearly any surgical procedure will cause some minor swelling that should resolve during the recovery period. Considering most patients feel well enough to return to daily activities before swelling fully resolves, a common question after surgery is “How to reduce swelling after buccal fat removal?” Thankfully, there […]

Facial Plastic Surgery Questions: What Is Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

Buccal fat pad removal–also known as cheek reduction surgery–slims the face by removing all or a portion of a fat pad located in the cheeks. The buccal fat pad contributes to a full round look in the cheeks of children, but this fullness is supposed to slim during puberty. For some people, however, this fat […]