Buccal fat pad removal–also known as cheek reduction surgery–slims the face by removing all or a portion of a fat pad located in the cheeks. The buccal fat pad contributes to a full round look in the cheeks of children, but this fullness is supposed to slim during puberty.

For some people, however, this fat can remain noticeable and prominent. This can happen for a variety of factors, but the most common is due to genetic predisposition. Removing a portion of or the entire buccal fat pad can reduce the appearance of chubby cheeks and provide a more adult look to the face. 

During surgery, Dr. Santos will make incisions inside the mouth which keeps scars off the face. The surgery typically takes an hour or less and is well tolerated in ideal candidates. While the procedure is relatively simple, it requires a facial plastic surgeon experienced in Seattle buccal fat removal to determine the best candidates and perform the procedure.

Cheek reduction through removing the buccal fat pad requires an ideal candidate because removing too much of the fat pad or performing surgery on an unideal candidate can lead to a gaunt appearance. Dr. Santos has decades of experience in Seattle facial plastic surgery and facial aesthetics. This makes him the perfect surgeon to consult about buccal fat removal in Seattle.

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