The face naturally carries pads of fat that protect important structures and fill out a youthful looking face. Sometimes, however, the face may harbor too much fat in these areas, or carry fat disproportionately. In these cases, there are various options that vary based on the cause of the fat accumulation. For many younger patients, liposuction may offer the best results. Many patients are surprised by this option and ask, “Can you get liposuction on your face?”

The answer is yes! Though, the face has relatively few areas where liposuction can and should be performed. Generally, the most common area for liposuction on the face is under the chin. This area can carry extra fat due to genetics, weight fluctuation, and aging. Liposuction can gently and precisely remove this fat. The procedure is typically short and may only require local anesthesia. 

The cheeks are another area that Dr. Santos can perform liposuction. This, however, is much rarer. Cheek liposuction usually is not recommended because a buccal fat pad removal can provide better long term results. Non-surgical options like Kybella are also used to remove fat in the face. These injections usually require multiple treatments. For patients looking to remove only a small amount of fat, or a specific localized fat pocket, Kybella may be a good option.

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