What Is The Most Natural Looking Facelift?

What Is The Most Natural Looking Facelift? One of the biggest concerns that prospective facelift patients express is that their results will not look natural. With modern techniques and expertise, facelifts can look completely natural and do most of the time. However, patients often still ask, “What is the most natural looking facelift?” The answer […]

What Is A SMAS Facelift?

Facelifts come in many different shapes and sizes. Some may only involve a minimal incision and skin removal, while others may address the facial muscles. A term often used when talking about the types of facelifts is “SMAS facelift”. Let’s explore the question, “What is a SMAS facelift?” and whether it may be the right […]

The History of Facelifts

The history of the facelift begins with the successful facelift performed by German surgeon, Erich Lexer in 1916. The demand among socialites and the aristocracy of the early 20th century for ways to stay young was high. When Dr. Lexer succeeded in lifting the skin and fat that accumulates on the face with age, plastic […]