Facelifts come in many different shapes and sizes. Some may only involve a minimal incision and skin removal, while others may address the facial muscles. A term often used when talking about the types of facelifts is “SMAS facelift”. Let’s explore the question, “What is a SMAS facelift?” and whether it may be the right option for you.

“SMAS” stands for superficial muscular aponeurotic system. This is a collection of tissue that lays beneath the deepest layers of skin and basic tissues, but above the muscles and nerves. During a SMAS facelift, this layer is lifted away, separate from the skin, trimmed, and repositioned for a tighter, more youthful appearance.

This technique was developed by facelift surgeons to lessen recovery time from traditional facelifts, while increasing the longevity of results. This layer is important to the overall structure of your face. Therefore, when manipulated by an expert facial plastic surgeon, it can create a much more youthful appearance. 

The technique may or may not address the underlying muscles. It all depends on the patient’s anatomy, aging severity, and causes of aging. Dr. Santos can discuss your facelift options and if you are a good candidate for a SMAS facelift during a consultation. To schedule, call us at 206-430-1035. You can also reach out via Price Simulator, chat, or contact form.