The use of local anesthesia during facial plastic surgery is proving to be not only possible but preferable in many cases. It lowers the overall risk of surgery, makes facelifts more accessible to people with medical conditions, and often results in an easier recovery. Some patients feel anxious about not going completely under for the procedure and ask questions like, “Is a facelift under local anesthesia painful?”

This is an understandable worry. Luckily, Dr. Santos can reassure patients that they should not feel pain during a facelift under local anesthesia. First off, patients are also given a light sedative. While not as potent as what is given during general anesthesia, it does mean that patients are not fully cognizant during surgery. This keeps patients more comfortable during surgery. 

Secondly, Dr. Santos is a facial expert who has a deep knowledge of facial anatomy. When local anesthesia is administered, he does so in a precise way to ensure the fullest and best effects. He also uses a long lasting local anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. 

Finally, patients may feel some pressure or fullness during the procedure. Some may feel an occasional poke, though this is usually no worse than a typical injection. Patients rarely feel pain during the procedure. If patients are still worried or hesitant, Dr. Santos does also performs facelifts under general anesthesia.

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