When you go into surgery, you often expect being placed to sleep under general anesthesia. For many surgical procedures, local anesthesia with oral sedation may be a better option to minimize risks and lessen recovery time.

Seattle plastic surgeon, Dr. Santos, pioneered the use of local anesthetic in his facial cosmetic surgeries. During a facelift with Dr. Santos, he will employ the use of local anesthetic with an oral sedative. This means you will not be totally sedated, but perfectly comfortable during your facelift.

Performing facial plastic surgery under local anesthetic with oral sedation reduces the risk of complications during surgery and from general anesthesia. Local is less likely to cause nausea and other uncomfortable side effects. 

Local anesthesia reduces patient recovery time. Since it has fewer risks and side effects, it is not as hard on the body. This means you will be back on your feet after a facial plastic surgery quicker than if you had the same surgery under general anesthetic. 

Finally, beyond the safety and recovery time benefits of local, Dr. Santos has performed thousands of surgeries under local anesthesia. His innovative use of local anesthesia keeps patients safe and comfortable during facelift surgery.