When thinking about the main demographic for nose jobs, most people would probably not think that men would be high on the list. In fact, many patients are surprised to find out that rhinoplasty has consistently ranked as the most popular plastic surgery for men. Male nose jobs even outrank male-centric procedures such as gynecomastia surgery. So, why are nose jobs so popular among men?

First off, in general, male noses tend to be larger and more prominent than female noses. This is often why rhinoplasty is one of the top procedures performed during a facial feminization procedure. This can lead to men feeling self-conscious about their noses and wanting a nose that better fits their features.

Secondly, men are more likely to experience nose related injuries, especially related to contact sports such as football. This can leave the nose crooked and even interfere with the airways. Many men who experience injuries to the nose undergo a rhinoplasty to address these concerns.

Finally, according to various studies, men are more frequently diagnosed with a deviated septum. This condition can cause breathing problems and cosmetic concerns. This can lead men to go under the knife to correct the devaited septum, either with a septoplasty or combined rhinoplasty and septoplasty.

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