CO2 laser resurfacing is a procedure performed by facial plastic surgeons that rejuvenates the skin using a sophisticated and high tech laser. Often, Dr. Santos uses the CO2 laser after other facial surgeries like a facelift to provide extra tightening. It also improves the overall look and quality of the skin. 

Stronger than CO2 lasers used by master estheticians, this resurfacing does require some downtime and a basic recovery protocol. Usually, you can expect your skin to look raw and red for a few days. In some cases, you may require a conservative use of pain medication. Most patients return to work within a week (depending upon if any other procedures were performed concurrently) and are up and about a day or two following the procedure. 

You can expect some pinkness to last for a few weeks. After the first week, this is usually covered easily with makeup. To help along your recovery, Dr. Santos recommends avoiding sun exposure for at least six weeks, refraining from exercise for two weeks, and the sparing use of cold compresses can help alleviate discomfort and promote the healing process. 

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