Rhinoplasty surgery is among one of the few plastic surgeries that people under eighteen seek out with relative frequency. Due to this, knowing the right age to get a nose job can be confusing and misleading. While some patients may need to wait longer than others for various reasons, or others undergo a reconstructive nose job at a younger than the average age, let’s look at the question, “What is the best age to get a nose job for a girl?”

If seeking a cosmetic nose job, most surgeons will not consider a girl until at least the age of 15. Often, they will advise waiting until 16 to ensure that the nose is done growing and maturing. The youngest age it may be possible is 14, but unless there are breathing issues or severe deformities, it is uncommon to have it at this age. Ideally, a patient will wait until they are 18, but if treating someone younger, 16-17 is considered the ideal age.

In the case of a reconstructive nose job, such as after an injury or due to a birth defect, if breathing is compromised, a younger teenager or even child may undergo a sort of nose job. Usually, this will be minimal, only correcting the septum or problem area. However, there are sometimes cosmetic effects of these surgeries. 

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