A “revision” in plastic surgery can refer to many different types of procedures. Perhaps the most well known is when a surgeon corrects an unsatisfactory result or issue following another surgery. The other type of revision refers to when a surgeon simply refreshes a previous good result after a few years as maintenance. For facelifts, patients may undergo a revision for these reasons as well as other motivations. What is a revision facelift? How do they work?

Dr. Santos may perform a revision facelift for many reasons, including that it did not turn out the way you wanted. Arguably the most common reason someone goes for a revision is that the original facelift did not provide enough correction. Additionally, there are some cosmetic issues that can happen with an improperly performed facelift such as pixie ears, skin pulled too tight, extremely noticeable scarring, and removing too much fat.

Following a Seattle facelift, you will continue to age. While people who undergo a facelift typically look younger than their peers as they age, some sagging may reappear after ten to fifteen years. Dr. Santos can perform a minimally invasive facelift to maintain your facelift results as you age. This procedure may also be referred to as a “revision facelift”.

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