When most people hear the term “brow lift,” they think of the surgical procedure that addresses upper face sagging and wrinkles. However, there are forms of non-surgical brow lifts, primarily with neurotoxins such as Botox. While a Botox brow lift cannot replace a surgical brow lift, it can provide some enhancement. Let’s look more at the question, “What is a Botox brow lift?”

A Botox brow lift is a series of injections of Botox into the brow area to temporarily provide a slight lift to the brows. The lift is generally extremely subtle, but for younger patients beginning to see early signs of aging, it can help prevent them from progressing as well as make them look younger.

The procedure can also address dynamic wrinkles on the forehead and between the brows. As mentioned though, a Botox brow lift cannot replace a surgical brow lift. In younger patients, it may prolong the need for a surgical brow lift over time. It is a great option for patients in their thirties and forties wanting to address aging, but who are not surgical candidates.

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