Facial plastic surgery is a broad category of plastic surgeries that treat the face. It can include everything from a nose job to eyelid surgery to a facelift. While individual surgeries have specific risks, facial plastic surgery has general risks that apply to most of the procedures. What are the risks of facial plastic surgery?

The risk of injury to facial nerves is present in most facial plastic surgeries. This complication is exceptionally rare because incision locations, surgical techniques, and surgical instruments are all designed to limit or avoid the risk of facial nerve damage or injury. While impossible to avoid all of the nerves, surgical techniques avoid the major nerves. Small nerves and nerve endings are often damaged during surgery, but heal and bring back sensation. This is why numbness is common after facial plastic surgery and this is normal.

Skin necrosis—or skin death—can occur after any surgery, but is more likely to occur after surgeries that remove skin. Many facial plastic surgeries involve removing skin. Again, this is very rare and normally avoidable and treatable as long as patients are monitored.

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