What Are Side Effects Of Chin Lipo?

Side effects are a normal part of surgical recovery. For most patients, side effects remain minimal and are well treated and controlled with medication or other treatments. Some surgeries have more side effects than others and some patients may experience more serious side effects than others. Let’s look at a procedure that usually presents fairly mild side effects and answers the question, “What are side effects of chin lipo?”

The most noticeable and lasting side effect of chin liposuction is swelling. The worst swelling usually occurs within a week of the procedure and begins subsiding within a few days. Usually, after two to three weeks, patients do not notice their swelling anymore and it is adequately hidden with makeup. Though, swelling from liposuction does tend to last two to three months on average. This is why Dr. Santos advises wearing your compression garment for several weeks, slowly reducing how long you wear it.

Within the first few weeks after surgery, patients may experience side effects such as bruising, numbness, pain, and itchiness. These side effects should progressively get better with time. Normally, chin liposuction patients have a limited need for prescription pain medication and return to work and normal activities with a few weeks.

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