Recovering from any facial plastic surgery requires patience and specific aftercare instructions. Your plastic surgeon will give you instructions and tips to minimize recovery pain and time. However, there are some small things you can do to help along with a nose job recovery. Here are three of the top tips for your rhinoplasty recovery.

#1: Elevate The Head Of The Bed

When surgery is performed on the face or neck, patients can reduce swelling by using gravity to reduce the amount of blood in the area. This can help lower inflammation and swelling. However, only elevate to about 35 or 40 degrees as sleeping sitting straight up is not only uncomfortable but may actually slow healing instead of optimizing it.

#2: Make Arrangements For Everyday Maintenance Before Surgery

There is nothing worse than having to force yourself to do the dishes or clean up when you’re sick or recovering. Therefore, clean your living space thoroughly before surgery and make arrangements, if possible, for someone to help you out with these tasks during recovery.

#3: Take A Walk

The first day or so, you likely will not feel up to moving around more than you have to. However, after a couple of days, going on a short walk outside (or inside) can help promote healthy circulation and healing. Just make sure not to make it too strenuous.

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