Sammzie in Berkeley, CA asks:

” I’m 20 years old and I’m unsatisfied with the way my mid-lower face appears. I think I’d benefit from getting a mid-face lift with cheek implants. Am I too young to be getting these procedures done? “

Facelift surgery can be performed as early as early 30s, all the way into 80s and late 80s. Each individual is quite unique and each individual has different concerns and potential benefits. This is exactly where experience is extremely key to achieve the best result based on the individual patients concerns. For instance, a young individual with a good deal of adipose deposition or fatty changes to the face can benefit from liposculpture and sometimes some “tightening” (a form of facelift). But on the other hand, it is important not to jump in to have a facelift too soon as it is only in the instance of potentially achieving a real improvement is a facelift or mini facelift warranted. Essentially if an individual is properly motivated even at a young age and if there are moderate changes that could benefit from facelift then facelifting could be entertained. It is not an issue of age so much as it is for motivation, expectation and overall potential benefit determined by an expert facial plastic surgeon. The most common time period whereby individuals desire and benefit from a facelift is in the 50 to 65 year age range, but there are a number of patients who really do benefit in their early 40s. – David Santos MD, FACS