Swelling after any surgical procedure is perfectly normal. While not every patient will experience noticeable swelling, but for those that do, it is typically a normal part of the healing process. Following a blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, swelling can become more troublesome than it may in other areas. Here are some tips for reducing swelling after blepharoplasty.

First off, there are some things you can do before surgery to minimize your chances of swelling. While it is impossible to stop it completely, following a few protocols may lessen your chances or the severity of swelling. These things can include: avoiding aspirin based painkillers, not drinking for a period of time before surgery, do not or quit smoking, and eat a healthy, low sodium diet. 

After surgery, Dr. Santos will give you instructions geared towards your healing and comfort. Many of these can treat swelling. For example, elevating the head of your bed slightly drives blood flow from the surgical area which can decrease and prevent swelling. Limiting physical activity also will keep you from swelling more and allow any present swelling to resolve quicker. 

Finally, Dr. Santos may recommend ice or cold compresses for the first two days following surgery. He can provide the intervals and best techniques based on your individual surgery. This can help reduce swelling and make recovering more comfortable. 

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