We see another transformation from one of the loveable people in whom we have watched so much over the years.  Suzanne Somers is a beautiful woman and has been the likeable star of Three’s Company, and the leader of ThighMaster.  She wants  to keep her youth and beauty, she wants to look better.

When making this decision it is imperative to make sure that the plastic surgeon is board certified and has performed a good deal of the particular rejuvenation procedure. We do not know exactly what was done, but, these pictures suggest fillers of some nature.  Fat grafting is the present day most popular rejuvenation filler  although temporary fillers such as juvederm(R) or Restylane (R) are common as well.  Her new look is very unnatural, grainy, doughy, sponge like.   The best guess, as to what was placed, would be that of fat grafting.

With fat grafting the fat is harvested from the abdomen or thighs, and injected expertly into the face.  Great care must be taken to place the fat in deeper tissues and to apply the right amount in the right places.  Also expert techniques are required again, which further qualifies the importance of having a surgeon who has doe this a lot provide the service.

Generally, a good deal more of fat is placed in areas than ultimately desired, so that increased overdone bulkiness of areas treated is common and normal.  Some studies suggest 30% of fat ultimately takes to provide the desired effect.  We do not know how long it has been since Ms. Somers procedure and so there is real hope that the plumpness will recede over time.  In fact if this was soon after the procedure she could actually have a good result, but this may be overly optimistic.  Time will tell.

Nonetheless, if there was too much fat placed then it certainly will certainly ultimately look unnatural down the road.

We care about Suzanne and hope her the best.


David Santos MD