When researching rhinoplasty, you may come across terms such as “cosmetic rhinoplasty” or “functional rhinoplasty”. But, what do these terms mean? In short, a functional nose job is one that corrects a nasal structure that hinder breathing or causes other medical problems like sleep apnea or nasal trauma. However, a cosmetic rhinoplasty is a purely elective surgery that fixes a cosmetic imperfection or issue with the nose. 

It is possible for a rhinoplasty to be both functional and cosmetic. If a patient wants to correct a deviated septum, which can improve breathing, but also correct a cosmetic structure of the nose, like an unwanted bump or flared nostrils. These two issues, while one is cosmetic and one is functional, can be corrected during the same procedure. 

Dr. Santos performs over one hundred rhinoplasty surgeries a year for functional and cosmetic purposes. He understands the intricate structures of the nose and the most advanced surgical techniques. For those who need a purely functional procedure, a septoplasty or less invasive procedure may be possible. At a consultation, Dr. Santos will evaluate your nose and determine the best course of action for your Seattle rhinoplasty. 

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