Facelift surgery creates beautiful results and can take years off the face. This requires surgical incisions that eventually can become scars. Patients undergoing a facelift understandably want to hide their scars as much as possible. Plastic surgeons use techniques to hide scars in the natural contours of the body and minimize their overall size. However, Facial Beauty now also offers a scar system that treats the scar over the entire first year of healing. One of the best ways to treat facelift scars is with Scar Protocol.

Scar Protocol is a five-phase system that consists of five scar creams and a specialized wash. Patients typically begin using Scar Protocol around one week post-surgery. They will then follow the regimen for twelve months. However, it is possible to see improvements from Scar Protocol as long as you start using it within six months of the procedure. 

Scar Protocol contains ingredients like purified snail mucin, Vitamin E, and retinol which promote epidermal growth and minimize the difference in pigmentation between the scar and surrounding skin. It is also safe to use on all skin types and tones. 

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