Combining a neck lift with a facelift is relatively common and easy. Many patients will find the best results from a facelift if they also address their neck at the same time. However, not every patient will benefit from a neck lift. So, how can you know? Ultimately, Dr. Santos can determine this following a consultation. Though, before then, here are some signs you may benefit from adding a neck lift to your facelift.

#1: Extra Skin Extends To Your Neck

Extra skin along the jowls and lower face often does extend onto the neck. This may result in a “turkey neck” appearance. If this is present, you will likely benefit from undergoing a neck lift at the same time as a facelift.

#2 Deep Neck Bands Or Wrinkles

While not always a sure sign, noticeable or constant wrinkles or bands on the neck may indicate that you could benefit from a neck lift. This can indicate extra skin, loss of skin or muscle laxity, and many other conditions that a neck lift can treat.

#3: Neck Sagging

Sagging in the neck can change the facial profile and also make a person appear much older than they actually are. Sagging of the neck is often only remedied via a neck lift surgery.

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