Regardless of weight fluctuations, jowling and sagging can and does happen to everyone eventually. While weight changes can influence or worsen it, weight itself will not necessarily impact the need for a facelift. However, due to the impact weight changes can have on extra skin, patients sometimes ask, “Should I lose weight before a facelift?”

The answer largely depends. If you plan on losing a significant amount of weight, typically over twenty or thirty pounds, it may be best to wait on your facelift. Losing a lot of weight after a facelift can cause more extra skin to form quicker. However, if you are only planning to lose a small amount of weight, usually under twenty pounds, then it is likely safe to lose the weight before or after the facelift.

Your age and skin quality also play a factor. For younger facelift patients around the ages of 45 or 50, it may be fine to lose a larger amount of weight after facelift surgery because their skin is likely in better shape. For older patients or those with significant skin damage, it is likely best to reach your goal weight before seeking a facelift, regardless of how much you want to lose.

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