aura_sq in karachi asks:

“I have a deviated septum on the left side and a quite obvious hump on the nose. Is it possible to get rid of both problems with Septoplasty? Or do I have to go for Rhino-septoplasty (Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty) as doctor is suggesting in case hump is bothering me?

But the dual procedure is going to cost me quite a big amount! Please tell me if septoplasty can help reduce the hump just as well. Thanks.”

Septoplasty is essentially a procedure that is inside the nasal cavity. This is a procedure to correct deviation or crookedness and/or obstruction related to the cartilage and bone structures of the septum. After Septoplasty is preformed the septum will be straight or straighter and better nasal breathing should be obtained. When doing this Septoplasty the dorsum or bridge of the nose might be affected and straightened a slight amount, but essentially is not a significantly altered.

Rhino-septoplasty will address both issues the septum internally and the bridge and nose externally or that portion of the nose that which we can visualize directly. I would not at all rely on the septoplasty to make any appreciable difference to the dorsum of the nose. When desiring to improve the dorsum or the bridge of the nose or to remove a hump Rhino-septoplasty is essentially required.