Rhinoplasty–also known as a nose job–is a commonly performed facial plastic surgery. Nose reshaping and the correction of a deviated septum is often a well tolerated surgery that provides good results. Like any surgical procedure, there are some risks of a rhinoplasty. 

The general risks of surgery typically include those associated with general anesthesia: vomiting, nausea, and in extreme cases, pneumonia. Usually, general anesthesia causes few problems, and most are minor side effects that pass quickly. 

Next, all surgeries come with the risk of scarring, an unsatisfactory result, fluid collection, blood clots, and necrosis. These are rare and Dr. Santos uses advanced methods to minimize these risks. It is also important to be forthcoming with your medical history and current health, as these can put you at a higher risk of some complications. Before surgery, Dr. Santos will ensure you are unlikely to experience any of the risks of a rhinoplasty, and will inform you if otherwise.

Finally, a rhinoplasty surgery has a small chance of worsening your nasal condition. However, when you choose a qualified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. David Santos, the likelihood of this occurring is slim. Dr. Santos has performed or supervised hundreds of rhinoplasty surgeries and knows how to reduce risk.

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