Recovering after a rhinoplasty surgery takes time. In general, full recovery does not occur until nine months to one year following surgery. This is true for most cosmetic surgeries. However, patients resume their normal lives long before this. When can you expect to return to work? Here’s what to expect one week after rhinoplasty surgery:

Usually, by or at the one week post-operative appointment, Dr. Santos will remove the external nasal splint and bandages. Internal splints have been removed previously, but if not, Dr. Santos will also remove these. This will reveal the preliminary results of your rhinoplasty surgery. 

There is typically some swelling and possibly bruising still present. Normally, the most obvious signs of the procedure are on the bridge of the nose. It will still have some settling and healing to do. Most patients have discontinued the use of prescription pain medications at one week and some may even return to work before one week if they heal exceptionally well.

At this point, most patients feel comfortable going back to work and out in public. Dr. Santos will continue to restrict strenuous activities for at least one more week. Nose job patients often return to their full exercise routine about a month after surgery. 

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