Male pattern baldness and other causes of a receding hairline often make patients seeking a brow lift hesitant. Most brow related incisions are hidden in the hairline. For those who experience a receding hairline, this can compromise your procedure. Luckily, with the newest technology and Dr. Santos’ refined techniques, most patients with a receding hairline can still have a Seattle forehead lift. 

Usually, an endoscopic brow lift works best for these individuals because it includes a smaller incision and it may be possible to hide the incision higher than the hairline, where hair may hide it. 

During an endoscopic brow lift, Dr. Santos uses an imaging technology called an endoscope to guide him during surgery. This provides him greater visibility and allows him to plan his actions further in advance. The endoscope lets him minimize scarring and the extent of the procedure during surgery. 

Other methods, like a trans-blepharoplasty brow lift, can provide facial rejuvenation without incisions near the hairline. At your consultation, Dr. Santos can help advise you on which technique will best serve your needs. 

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